James Edward Reid is a Canadian editor and writer. His writing appears in Vallum: new international poetics, The Pacific Rim Review of Books and The Sarmatian Review. His work has also appeared in The Globe and Mail Books, Canadian Forum, The Dance Current, Watershed, Spotlight, Highgrader Magazine: A Voice From the Northland, Cirque: A Literary Journal for the North Pacific Rim, Prairie Fire: A Canadian Magazine of New Writing, and The Guardian. He has been publishing material as a regular contributor to The Sarmatian Review at Rice University in Houston, Texas since 2007.

Before settling in southwestern Ontario, James lived in Hagersville, Niagara Falls, Hagersville (again), Cayuga, Brockville, North Augusta, Brockville (again), Kemptville, Prescott, Timmins, Toronto, Puslinch Township, and Wellington County.

He has been employed, or served, as a Grocery store inventory employee, Factory assembly line worker, Factory sheet steel cutter, Shipper-receiver on the night shift in a factory producing cushioned shipping cases for mortar bombs, Psychiatric hospital newsletter columnist and Groundskeeper, and University of Toronto College Literary Institute Curator.

Also employed as a Sod layer, Designer of a Zen garden error, Landscaper on the Welland Canal Bypass, Dutch elm diseased tree logger, Snow plough operator, Silk screen sign manufacturer, Ski resort snowmaker, Flood control dam operator, Manager and Designer of a 13 km Cross country ski trail area groomed and trackset with the same equipment used at the Calgary Winter Olympics, Canadian Wildlife Service Shotgun and Live Ammunition Scare Permit Holder,  Cross country ski Loppet organizer and manager, Film reviewer. Co-Founder of an Employee Union, Chair of a Union Collective Agreement Negotiating Committee, Member of a Union Pay Equity Negotiating Committee, Founder and Publisher of a Union Newsletter nominated for a Canadian Association of Labour Media Award, Manager of Communications. He also appeared as his own Counsel before the Ontario Superior Court of Justice.

Co-Founder of The Grand Tour: An initiative of the Langdon Hall Country House Hotel & Spa Relais et Chateaux, Elora Mill Inn, Jakobstettell Country Inn, Grand River Canoe Company, Grand River Bicycle Tours, and Grand River Conservation Authority.

As the Co-Founder and Manager of The Conservation Lands of Ontario, he raised $234,000.00 to establish a partnership of Industry Canada, Canadian Tourism Commission, Metro Toronto Region Conservation Authority, Grand River Conservation Authority, Halton Region Conservation Authority, Niagara Peninsula Region Conservation Authority, and Long Point Region Conservation Authority.

Spin doctor, Talking head, Crisis Manager, Member of a Committee negotiating Premier Bob Rae’s Social Contract and Rae’s Pay Equity Legislation, Publisher of  four best selling Canadian books, and Published Photographer.

Brand Researcher and Consumer Psychology Research Assistant under the direction of Peter Hume of Abraxas Research, carried out at the Arthur Erickson House in Cambridge, Ontario, and Executive Board Member of, and Communications Consultant to, a number of Charitable Foundations.